How to Search for an Apartment in the United States from Abroad

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It can be tough moving from one country to another. The culture, currencies, laws, and requirements often vary from place to place. Language barriers and lack of familiarity can make moving overseas difficult or stressful. Finding apartments isn’t easy when you aren’t there to see them in person.

Fairlane Woods wants to make the hunt for the perfect apartment easier for you, so we’ve put together a few tips to make the international journey run smoothly. If you’re planning on moving to Michigan, you can check out our one, two, and three-bedroom apartments here

Figure Out Where You Want to Live

Sometimes the hardest part is choosing the right location. Are you moving here for work? Will you have a car? Do you want to live in the city or more suburban areas?

Look for places that have the things you need when you get to the states. Check out the public transportation, and compare prices in different areas close to where you would like to live. 

Create a Budget

Depending on how much you can afford, create a budget for how much you are willing to spend on food, groceries, transportation, and utilities. Sometimes utilities are included in the price, and at other apartments, you’ll have to pay for them separately. Make sure you know all these things before you commit.

Have Paperwork Ready

Apartments in the US often require proof of income and accountability. They often check US credit scores to make sure you are reliable when it comes to making payments. Since you may not have a US credit score, gather other documents like rent receipts and pay stubs so they can see you have a history of paying on time. If needed, offer to pay a higher deposit or multiple months’ rent to prove you are reliable.

If you have friends or family members in the area, it might help to see if they can cosign your lease.

Start Hunting

Websites such as and can be of great assistance when it comes to searching. Some of these websites will have you fill out forms to contact and apply for apartments, while sites like Craigslist often have you contact the property manager directly. 

Brokers or Real Estate Agents

If you are willing to pay a little more in your search for the perfect apartment home, consider hiring a real estate agent or apartment broker to find your apartment for you. They understand the market and can help you understand everything that goes into finding your own place. 

Thoroughly Read the Lease and See the Apartment

If you can, try to take a virtual tour of the apartment you are trying to rent here in the US. If you are already here, make sure you visit and see the inside before you decide. Often photos can be misleading, so when viewing apartments online, make sure to vet listings for thorough descriptions and photos. 

Never rent an apartment without talking to someone first. Scammers are real, and you don’t want to send money to someone you don’t trust.


For further help or information from our staff here at Fairlane Woods apartments, feel free to contact us!

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