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The Best and Most Creative Easter Egg Ideas for the Holiday

The Best and Most Creative Easter Egg Ideas for the Holiday

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Think outside the box (of dye, that is) with these creative Easter egg decorating ideas.

What do you use to decorate Easter eggs? Switch things up this year and try one of these creative ideas! From temporary tattoos to silk ties and even highlighters, these methods result in beautiful eggs that your kids can help make, too.

Tip: People often ask, do you need to boil eggs before dyeing them? And the answer is yes. This quick step will protect you from messy egg-dropping accidents—which are bound to happen when working with little kids. Plus, they’ll be ready to eat if you choose a food-safe decorating method.


Mixed Marbles

It doesn’t get much easier (or more fun) than dying eggs in Cool Whip. And it’s perfect for the little ones to get involved. Simply add a few drops of food coloring into a bowl full of dessert topping and swirl the color with a toothpick. Then, roll your eggs in the mixture until they’re completely covered and allow the color to set for about 30 minutes. Rinsing the eggs will reveal a beautiful pastel marbling that will look amazing on your Easter dinner table. If you’d like a brighter coloring to these eggs, let them sit in the dessert topping and food coloring for up to an hour. This method is super fun to do at an Easter egg decorating party.

Adorable Tattoos

Temporary tattoos aren’t just for little kids and birthday parties. Turn them into your next DIY Easter decoration! For this Easter egg decorating idea, apply themed temporary tattoos (we love these Easter tattoos from Amazon) to an egg’s surface the way you would on skin. You may have to smooth the tattoo onto the egg a bit after the tattoo’s backing is removed. To use up the leftovers, try one of these tasty hard boiled egg recipes.

Simple Paint

Get in touch with your natural side by painting simple designs—like florals, greenery or even a chicken—on hard boiled brown eggs. (If you don’t want to pay the extra few bucks, you can also lightly dye white eggs. And yes, there is a reason why brown eggs cost more.)

Golden Globes

If you’re all about elegance, these major metallics from Lily Ardor are right up your alley. The eggs are made with copper and gold leaf, which can be found on Amazon or your local craft stores. For a more modern vibe, add pops of geometric designs in 3-D black paint.

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