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Awesome Events: The Cirque Italia Water Circus Is the Greatest Show on Water

Awesome Events: The Cirque Italia Water Circus Is the Greatest Show on Water

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One of the best events and circus shows is right here in the Dearborn area this summer. You won’t want to miss Cirque Italia and their Water Circus shows!

Cirque Italia performs "Spectacular shows" in a stunning display of European flair. 

The fact that CIRQUE ITALIA comprises a variety of specially created elements and goes from city to city displays a distinctive quality under our tents. Silver Unit and Gold Unit, two transportable water performances created by Cirque Italia, include a stage holding 35,000 gallons of water that actors sparkle over as they enthrall the audience with every motion. Visitors will be amazed by this special feature under the tent since it is a performance all on its own! The newest production from Cirque Italia, "Paranormal Cirque," is geared for our older fans who wish to escape into an exhilarating experience.


History Of Cirque Italia

The American ideal and one stubborn Italian businessman, Manuel Rebecchi, came together to create Cirque Italia. The Water Circus has developed from its inception in 2012 into one of the most avant-garde touring productions ever presented in the United States. A second Water Circus was introduced by Cirque Italia in 2017, and in 2018 we are happy to introduce Paranormal Cirque, a strange but entertaining blend of circus, theater, and cabaret. Cirque Slammer is a new show with a jail theme that we just debuted in 2021.


The Story Of Cirque Italia

"Aquatic Spectacular" is presented by Cirque Italia. Since the performance utilizes a specially created water stage that moves from city to city, the name represents a distinctive feature under the tent. 35,000 gallons of water are on the stage, which the performers wow the audience with as they walk over it. Visitors will be amazed by this "special feature" under the tent since it is a unique show!

Cirque Italia, an Italian entertainment business founded in 2012, presents a show with a European flair. A "vivid, dramatic, and moving experience within a specialized traveling tent" is how it is characterized.


European Style

Cirque Italia combines a love of production with a passion for circus skills to provide a memorable evening.
The high-energy performers at Cirque Italia test the limits of human performance as they ride BMX bikes and roller skate through the crowd. In order to create a business that leaves people in awe and rivals scrambling to catch up, founder Manuel Rebecchi—the nephew of Moira Orfei, the well-known queen of the Italian circus—combined his family's history with his own ground-breaking concepts.

The acts, which were inspired by the element of water, use human movement to demonstrate variety and fluidity as shower curtains and fountain jets crisscross in time with each step. The interdimensional impression is additionally enhanced with laser lights and bubbles. Mermaids emerge from the depths, and even dinosaurs appear as a homage to the inner kid.


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