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The Henry Ford Museum: Drive Through a Piece of History at the Old Car Festival

The Henry Ford Museum: Drive Through a Piece of History at the Old Car Festival

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This awesome annual event displays historic cars ranging from the 1890s and the birth of the automobile, through 1932. Cars come from all over the nation to be shown in unison at the Old Car Festival in Greenfield Village. This turn of the century jaunt through time leads us into the cars of the Great Depression. 

Owners attend and are around to answer any questions in Greenwood Village, showing off their timeless vehicles. Drivers participate in skill games, and you can hear the rumble of these awesome cars in the background. There is a “Pass in Review” parade to display the ride through history. If you love automobiles or enjoy historic events, this is a must-see festival. Electric, steam, and gas engines are all apart of the fun.

The Jazz age and old America are both brought to life in this beautiful spectacle, ewhere people can enjoy historically-inspired street food, live music, dancing, and more. The festival includes the parade, music by the River Raisin Ragtime Revue, and a fantastic fireworks display to send it all off.

Tickets are on sale now for this delightful event – America’s longest-running old-time car show.


When: September 11-12, 2021


Women at the Wheel: A New 2021 Experience

The 101st anniversary of the 19th Amendment, which secured women with the right to vote, is something we want to highlight this year. So many women have had an impact on the auto industry, and continue to make waves today.  Explore their stories to see how cars and the freedom to roam supported women’s rights in the workplace and in everyday life.

Ticket Prices




General Admission (12-61)



Senior (62+)



Youth (5-11)



Child (4 & Under)




Parking is free for members and $6 otherwise.


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