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Dining Out: 7 of the Best Restaurants to Try in Dearborn, MI

Dining Out: 7 of the Best Restaurants to Try in Dearborn, MI

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There are tons of restaurants to choose from in Dearborn and the Detroit area, and it is not always easy to find the one you want amidst all the choices. In order to make it a little easier, we picked 7 restaurants we love so you don’t have to. Enjoy the mix of American, Thai, Indian, and more from these delicious places to dine.

Bangkok 96 Restaurant

2450 S Telegraph Road
Genevieve Vang is an award-winning chef and this is her flagship restaurant. Bangkok 96 has been around since 1996, serving up authentic, mouth-watering thai cuisine. Thai fried rice, fresh spring rolls, and chicken larb salad are just a few of the dishes served here.

Miller’s Bar

23700 Michigan Ave
Since 1941, this dive bar has been and remains a classic place in Dearborn. It stays true to its roots and carries on tradition with ground round, basic toppings, and one of the most delicious burgers around. Just make sure to bring cash and pay at the bar before you leave.

The Himalayan Flames

22266 Michigan Ave
The Himalayan flavor of Nepal, India, and Tibet is rich in the Indian cravings you love. The samosas are a great starter and fried perfectly. Tikka masala and butter chicken are some of the best around at this fairly new restaurant opening in 2019.

TRIA – American Cuisine

300 Town Center Dr
The Henry Hotel lobby is home to this American-inspired dining spectacle, with an upscale, yet casual atmosphere. Dinner and drinks or a special lunch are great here, with creative versions of kielbasa and delicious fried calamari tacos.


13919 Michigan Ave
Yemeni food is fantastic at this go-to for locals who love seltah – root veggies with whipped fenugreek, fahsah – lamb and potatoes, and other traditional dishes. They come steaming hot in a clay bowl, and slow-roasted lamb is the most popular item on the menu. Tannour bread is to die for here.

Alcamo’s Market

4423 Schaefer Rd
For over 50 years Alcamo’s has graced the neighborhood with specialty imports from Italy. Olive oil, wine, sausage made right at the market, and more are just part of the experience. Transport yourself to Italian heaven and stop by for an Italian sub sandwich. 

M Cantina

13214 Michigan Ave
Nuevo Latino street food is featured at this Hispanic-inspired restaurant with a little flair. The different, unique tacos are fantastic, and booze-free cocktails grace the menu for a different kind of drinking from mixologist Junior Merino. Reservations are required, so call ahead. 
Do you have a favorite Dearborn restaurant? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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